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Account Alerts

We are excited to offer you the ability to set up account-based and/or date-based alerts.

A "New Account Alert" is account-based and notifies you of important changes to your account (i.e., the balance drops below a specified level).

A "New Date Alert" is dated-based and notifies you of important events (i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, wakeup calls).

Under the "Preferences" tab select "New Account Alert", chose an account from the drop-down box and fill out the "Alert Criteria". Next choose an action from the drop-down box under "Alerts" and then click "Submit". You will then need to check the "Enable This Alert" box to initiate the alert. You select an action from the drop-down box under "Notification Frequency". Lastly click the "OK" button to submit.

The procedures to set a "New Date Alert" are similar to the account alert.

A final reminder for you is that these alerts can be delivered either to your preferred telephone number or e-mail address.

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